How to Apply Foundation

How to Apply Foundation with Andrea Renee

How to Apply Foundation

Learn how to apply foundation with COVERGIRL® and Andrea Renee. This step-by-step guide gives you all the tips and tricks you need to achieve a flawless foundation look with ease.

Full Spectrum Contour & Correct Expert Cream Palette

1 shade

TruBlend Undercover Full Coverage Concealer

24 shades

TruBlend Matte Made Liquid Foundation

39 shades

Step 1: Create your base

Smooth and moisturize skin with TruBlend Face Primer.

Step 2: Color correct your skin

Use COVERGIRL TruBlend Color Correcting Palette to cover redness, dark spots and other discoloration.

Step 3: Apply concealer to color corrected areas

Add concealer to the spots you color corrected. Blend the concealer with a brush or beauty sponge.

Step 4: Apply Foundation

Apply TruBlend Matte Made Liquid Foundation to your face, using a tapping motion to blend. (Pro Tip: If you're using a sponge, wet it first for extra easy blending.)

Step 5: Apply undereye concealer

Use concealer on eyelids and under eye area.

Step 6: Complete your look

Do your lips, eyes and brows to complete your look!

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