FINE TIP - This liquod eyeliner pen has a 0.1 mm feather-fine tip for a perfect fine line application | GRIP HANDLE - Contour grip handle helps for a precise application without slipping | QUICK-DRY - There is no wait time with this eyeliner, it dries instantly after application | REMOVAL - Easy removal with soap and water | CREATE - It is easy to wear this eyeliner for any occasion, whether you want to do a wing tip or cat eye



Step 1:

Before applying, shake the closed bottle of liquid liner to maximize saturation. Begin at the lash line and draw a thin, diagonal line with the ultra fine tip.


Step 2:

Create the outline of a triangle by drawing a second line to connect the top of the flick with the drawing on your lash line.


Step 3:

Thicken the wing by applying the liner in between the two lines, filling in any gaps.


Step 4:

Allow for the liquid liner to dry.