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lip makeup tips


lip makeup tips

Size 'em up, size 'em down—create the lips you've always wanted!

Here are a few simple tricks and handy how-tos that can help you make the most of your beautiful smile. Size 'em up, size 'em down—create the lips you've always wanted!

To Make Lips Look Fuller
Pick a lipstick and lipliner in matching shades—choose lighter colors, since darker tones can make lips appear smaller. Use your lip pencil to define lips. Go to the outermost edge of lips but no further—do not go outside the natural lip line. Then fill in entire area with lipliner. This will "hold" lipstick longer. Apply your lipstick over lipliner.

To Make Lips Look Wider
Instead of plumping up thin lips, try accentuating your mouth's wonderful width! Use a liner that perfectly matches your lipstick and line the extreme edges of lips, extending out to corners. Fill in with lipstick color, then top with gloss on middle of lips only.

To Make Lips Look Thinner
Trace inside the natural lip line, and fill in with your lipstick. Picking a matte shade will also make lips appear smaller.

To Add Natural Definition
Give your lips a strong line using a neutral colored pencil, then fill in with a sheer gloss blended gently to the edges by a few strokes of the lip brush. The result is naturally shimmery and moist-looking lips.