Powder 101: How to apply powder
From pressed powder to loose powder, our pros dish on the tricks that get their makeup going the extra mile.

To get the perfect amount of powder on your brush, sprinkle loose powder onto a clean, flat surface like a tissue or a mirror rather than dipping directly into a container. This also helps control spill for an easy cleanup.

For the thickest coverage, apply loose powder with a sponge wedge.

When using brushes and puffs, oils will build up that can affect your finished look. Keep brushes clean and replace puffs regularly.

Keep powder makeup out of the bathroom. The moisture and humidity can lead to clumping and caking.

Blot midday oiliness with a tissue before applying pressed powder. It’ll prevent you from applying too much powder and keep your puff from getting oily.

Use pressed powder without foundation on days where just a bit of coverage will do. Use a puff for the most matte layer. Use a brush to achieve a lighter look.

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