Tools of the Trade
For best shadow effects and precision application, rely on professional makeup brushes and tools to get the job done. Learn more about our recommended eye tools and brushes.

Eyelash curler
An eyelash curler is a manual tool for curling eyelashes. Use it on your upper lashes only. If you wish, blast the curler with heat from your hair dryer before using. Always use an eyelash curler before applying mascara.
Eye makeup remover typically comes in liquid or pad form and removes eye makeup without harsh tugging or pulling. Ideal for daily use and especially when wearing waterproof mascara.
Sponge applicator
Use a Sponge Applicator tip to target creases and lash lines.
Eyeshadow brushes
Eyeshadow brushes come in varying sizes and are used to distribute an even amount of eyeshadow, provide long-lasting color saturation, and blend colors.

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