How to Use Concealer

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How to Use Concealer to Contour and Highlight

Want to learn how to use concealer? In this makeup tutorial, Roxette Arisa shares how to contour and highlight with concealer using the multi-use COVERGIRL Trublend UnderCover Concealer! Watch as she shares her easy tips and tricks on how to achieve a flawlessly contoured and highlighted face with matte makeup.


1) Create your base with COVERGIRL TruBlend Matte Made Liquid Foundation. Apply your matte foundation with a beauty sponge all over the face and blend in to make a nice even base.


1) Choose your shade of COVERGIRL Trublend UnderCover Concealer. We recommend going one to two shades lighter for concealing and highlighting.
2) Using the applicator, apply the concealer directly underneath your eyes, dragging it down in a triangle shape.
3) Next, use the applicator to apply concealer down the middle of the face, making sure to touch your forehead, nose, Cupid’s bow and chin.
4) Use a beauty sponge to blend out the concealed areas to create a smooth finish.
5) Apply a light second layer of concealer to any problem areas.


1) Choose the shade of COVERGIRL Trublend UnderCover Concealer that you’ll be using for contour. We recommend going one to two shades darker for contouring.
2) Apply a dotted line of your contouring concealer along the underside of your cheekbones, working your way up to your temples.
3) Apply a light line under the tip of the nose and on both sides of the bridge of the nose.
4) Apply contour lines along the jawline, on either side of the chin.
5) Use a beauty sponge to blend in the contouring concealer. We recommend blending the contour upwards for a nice lift in the cheekbones.
6) Apply the rest of your makeup and this flawless look is finished!